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Work with Not budgeted budget item
Work with Not budgeted budget item
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A 'Not Budgeted' item is automatically created for each project and serves several functions:

1) Immediate Work:

Even if your newly created project lacks data, Allfred offers complete freedom without limitations. You can start working on the project immediately, create tasks, track time, and efficiently organize your team's resources. Simply utilize the pre-made 'Not Budgeted' item to create tasks, monitor hours, or plan capacities.

2) Pre-sale Projects / Acquisitions:

Clients often use the 'Not Budgeted' budget item to generate tasks for pre-sale projects or new acquisitions, which may or may not convert into clients. Under this 'Not Budgeted' item, they can plan tasks for tenders and monitor the hours spent on individual tenders. Allfred automatically uses positions filled in the Positions sets / Rate cards related to client in section Positions -> Hourly rates and positions

3) Internal Projects:

Some clients also employ the 'Not Budgeted' budget item for internal (pro bono/non-billable) projects. They track time spent on meetings, managing internal social networks, workshops, or any other internal activities. For each activity, they simply create a task and report their time.

How to delete Not budgeted budget item?

Once the budget is assigned, the "not-budgeted" item will be marked as "deleted". If there are no hours tracked in this budget item, it will disappear right after assigning a budget to the project.

If there are some hours tracked, you need to transfer tracked hours to another budget item within the project or to another project.

Transferring to another budget item:

1. click on the task with tracked hours listed under Not-budgeted budget item

2. click on Edit button

3. Choose another budget item from the project, where the task and hours should be trasferred

4. click on Save button and refresh Allfred.

5. Not budgeted budget item will disappear shortly

Transferring to another project

1. go to Reports section and insert project name to show the projects time report

2. group the data by Task

3. seleck the hours tracked in the Tasks under the Not budgete budget item

4. click on Action button

5. choose option Move selected tracked hours to another project

6. select Brand, Project, Budget item and Tasks and save

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