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How to delete the project?
How to delete the project?
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Only the roles Team leader, Managing Director, CFO or Admin can delete the project.

To delete the project, use the action menu in the list of projects or project detail and click on Delete.

You can delete a project only if there are:

  • no tracked hours

  • no expenses received

  • no outgoing invoices or prepayments

  • no requests for invoicing

In such cases, Allfred will warn you with an alert.

How to delete tracked hours?

To delete the project, it's important to delete or transfer all tracked hours and move them to another project.

To delete tracked hours:

1) Navigate to the Reports section -> Time reports and insert the project name in the filter, then click on 'Show time report'.

2) Allfred will show you all the time entries under the given project. You can group them by User for better orientation.

3) Navigate to Time section to delete these time entries. Find the particular user, select the date in the calendar and delete the time entries via the Bin icon.

Tip: you can use Week view to delete all the time entries for a particular task for the whole week at once. In the case of Day view, click on 'Edit' button first.

Once the project lacks any records, you can proceed with its deletion following the steps outlined initially.

How to delete invoices?

Important to know: Finance operations, such as changing or deleting expenses and invoices, can be done only by the roles CFO and Admin.

Learn more about deleting invoices and editing invoices.

To delete the project, it is necessary to delete Request for invoicing also. Type the project name in search field in 'Request for invocing' tab and delete the request using Action menu - Delete.

How to delete or edit received expenses?

To delete the received expense, navigate to the section Finance - Expenses. Find a particular expense and use the Action menu to Delete it. Make sure the Expense item in the project detail is open.

If you don't want to delete the expense but reassing it to another project, go to the Expense detail by clicking on its ID/Expense no.

When the expense detail is opened, you can change the brand, project and budget item and save the expense.

When the project does not have any expenses, invoices and tracked hours, you can easily delete it.

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