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How to create, edit or delete Task status?
How to create, edit or delete Task status?

Manage your tasks statuses and priorities to be aligned with the agency's operational needs.

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Managing task statuses in Allfred allows for an organized and efficient workflow. Users with the role of Admin can tailor the task management experience by editing, adding, or removing statuses to fit their agency's unique processes.

How to Edit, Add, or Delete Task Status

  1. Click on the profile icon in the top corner of the Allfred interface.

  2. Select 'Settings' and then choose 'Tasks' from the menu.

  3. To edit an existing status, click in the Name field and edit the Task status as needed

  4. To add a new status, click the '+ Add new status' button and fill in the details.

  5. To delete a status, click the bin icon next to the status you want to remove.

Note: Removal of this task status will keep currently assigned tasks untouched, but you will not be able to assign new tasks to this status anymore.

Customizing Text and Background Color of Task Status

  1. Access the Task Settings:

    • Click on the profile icon in the top corner of the Allfred interface.

    • Select 'Settings' and then choose 'Tasks' from the menu.

  2. Adding or Editing Colors:

    • When you add a new task status or edit an existing one, you will see options for text and background colors.

    • Click on the left color box to select your preferred color for the text of the task status.

    • As you select a text color, Allfred will automatically generate a lighter shade for the background.

    • If the suggested background color doesn't suit your needs, click on the right color box to pick a different color.

  3. Saving the Changes:

    • Once you're satisfied with the color choices, make sure to click 'Update' to save your changes.

Setting Default and Done Statuses

  • Default Status: The default status is automatically assigned to all new tasks. You can set one by clicking the radio button under the 'DEFAULT' column.

  • Done Status: Choose the 'Done' radio button for the task status that you consider as 'Completed.' This action will hide such tasks during the planning of new capacity allocations in Resource Planning, and they will only appear if the 'show done tasks' option is activated.

Managing Task Priorities

Similar to task statuses, you can add, edit, or delete task priorities:

  1. Under 'Tasks' in the 'Settings', find the 'Task priorities' section.

  2. Add a new priority by clicking on +Add new priority button

  3. Edit the priority by clicking into Name Field

  4. Use Bin icon to delete the priority

  5. You can reorder the priorities using Reorder icon under Actions

  6. Mark one as the default priority, which will be assigned to all new tasks.

Other Configurations

  • You have the option to configure whether completed tasks are shown or hidden by default. This setting helps in maintaining a focused view of active tasks.

By setting up these customizations, Admins can ensure that task management is aligned with the agency's operational needs, promoting productivity and clarity within the team's workflows.

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