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How to edit task?
How to edit task?
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To edit the task, go to Task detail and click on Edit button.

You can edit details such as:

  • task name

  • related budget item and project

  • assigned people and positions

  • planned hours

  • task priority

  • task status

  • deadline

  • description

  • upload or delete attachments

Edit task status

You can edit Tasks status directly in Task detail. Click on the current status in the upper left corner in tasks detail a choose required one from the list of default statuses:

  • New

  • Briefed

  • In progress

  • In review

  • Approved

  • Done

Users with the role of Admin can tailor the task management experience by editing, adding, or removing statuses to fit their agency's unique processes. Learn more here.

Add new comment or attachment

Attachments and assignment details are right at your fingertips. You can communicate with your team within the task, tag colleagues, react to their comments with emojis, or select the required status of task. Allfred will send notifications to keep everyone informed about any changes.

Linking tasks

Allfred offers a seamless task-linking feature, allowing users to establish connections between tasks. Whether tasks are related, duplicated, blocked, or caused, this functionality provides clarity and context to your project and tasks workflow.

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