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How to track time?
How to track time?
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Tracking time is a crucial aspect of agency work; everyone has their preferred way of handling it. Allfred understands this diversity and provides you with 6 ways to track time:

1) Play button in Planning

The first way how to track your time is by using the Planning section. Press the play button on the selected allocation when you start working on a task. When you're done, turn off the timer in allocation or in the upper right corner by clicking on “Stop timer”. Allfred will automatically track your time without the need to fill in any project or task details.

2) Complete button in Planning

For those who prefer to track their time at the end of the day, opening the Planning section and marking all allocations as completed is most suitable. If the allocated time for some tasks doesn't fit reality, you can easily adjust the time as needed.

3) Play button in Task detail

Alternatively, you can start the timer directly from the task detail. The running time will be displayed in the upper right corner next to the stopwatch icon. Click on it to stop the timer and Allfred will automatically report the time to where it belongs. You can edit, delete or continue tracking the reported time as needed.

4) +Time button in Task detail

Click the "+Time" button in the Task details to manually track time. Insert the duration and add a note if necessary. If you are assigned to the task with two different positions, Allfred will prompt you to choose the position to use for tracking.

5) Weekly/daily tracking in Time section

Time reporting can also be done via the Time section, where you can switch between Day or Week view. Add a new time entry by pressing the "New entry" inserting button and inserting a number of hours for the chosen day. You can edit or delete individual entries or start the timer.

6) Clock icon

If you're a fan of the stopwatch, you can start it at any time in the upper right corner. Just select the task you will work on in advance, and after completing the task, stop the stopwatch and report the time. Alternatively, you can enter the duration right away and save it as a new time entry.

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