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Quick guide for self-onboarding: Finance managers and CFO
Quick guide for self-onboarding: Finance managers and CFO
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Welcome to Allfred's CFO and Finance Manager Guide! This guide provides an easy-to-follow roadmap for handling invoices, expenses, and other financial documents within the platform, ensuring you can manage your company's finances effectively.

We recommend checking our Project Managers Guide first, which will give you an overview of managing projects or budgets.

1. Basic Guide with Outgoing Invoices

Managing outgoing invoices is a crucial aspect of financial management. This section offers comprehensive guides to create, edit, and manage your invoices in Allfred. Learn how to issue invoices with foreign currency, change the language or invoice number.

2. Types of Invoicing

Every agency has unique invoicing needs. In this section, discover how to handle various invoicing scenarios in Allfred, from invoicing tracked hours to budget proposals, ensuring you can cater to diverse client requirements.

3. Working with Expenses

Efficient expense management is vital for financial health. This part of the guide walks you through creating and approving expenses in Allfred.

4. Other Financial Documents

Beyond regular invoices and expenses, there are other essential financial documents to manage. This section provides guidance on creating proforma invoices, credit notes or credit accounts.

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