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How to create, deactivate or delete user?
How to create, deactivate or delete user?
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How to create a new user?

1) Go to Users section

2) “+ Add new user” button

3) Insert user detail as name, surname, codename (e.g. sortcut), email address

4) Select the team (one user can be only in one team but it doesnt mean that they are not able to cooperate with other teams or on projects from other teams)

5) Select the user role that will determined their permisson

6) Insert the internal hourly rate that will be used for calculating agency work profit

7) Choose whether user should be visible in Plannig or Utilization report

8) Set users daily capacity

9) Set the profile color (or upload the photo)

10) Set the password

How to deactivate or delete user?

  1. Go to Users section

  2. Select required user

  3. Use action menu and click on Deactivate or Delete

Note: you cannot delete user with tracked time. Delete their time entries first

Roles and permissions


  • see only sections Tasks, Planning, Time, Reports and Users (only the list of users)

  • don't have access to projects and budgets

  • can create tasks for themself or other users as well

  • can change the task status, add comments and attachments in Tasks

  • can plan capacity in Planning

  • can report time and see his reports

Project managers

  • create projects and access the projects in which they are assigned

  • add contractors, brands, clients

  • close/finish the project

  • access the projects under brands or clients where they are assigned

  • see the quotes/budget proposals they created

  • have access to the finances related to their projects, but don't see the internal financial indicators (such as users' profitability)

  • prepare documents for invoicing (request for invoicing), not real invoice

  • create Expenses - only drafts, for approval

  • can edit the tracked time of other users

  • see time reports and project revenue of projects where he is assigned

  • see the list of Users, but cannot add new ones or change existing ones

  • cannot create position sets/rate cards for brands

Team leaders

  • can add and edit Project managers within projects

  • can add Users and edit positions and if they should be visible in plannining, but cannot change their team/role/password

  • create position sets/rate cards

  • close/finish projects

  • cannot see internal financial indicators of projects

Financier / CFO / Managing director / Admin

  • everything that was mentioned in hierarchically lower roles applies

  • can edit Users, as well as change their team/role/password

  • only the notifications are different between the mentioned roles

  • can approve budgets/proposals

  • sees all financial indicators, documents and data

  • can issue a real financial document (e.g. invoice)

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