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Users and roles permissions
Users and roles permissions
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  • see only sections Tasks, Planning, Time, Reports and Users (only the list of users)

  • don't have access to projects and budgets

  • can create tasks for themself or other users as well

  • can change the task status, add comments and attachments in Tasks

  • can plan capacity in Planning

  • can report time and see his reports

Project managers

  • create projects and access the projects in which they are assigned

  • add contractors, brands, clients

  • close/finish the project

  • access the projects under brands or clients where they are assigned

  • see the quotes/budget proposals they created

  • have access to the finances related to their projects, but don't see the internal financial indicators (such as users' profitability)

  • prepare documents for invoicing (request for invoicing), not real invoice

  • create Expenses - only drafts, for approval

  • can edit the tracked time of other users

  • see time reports and project revenue of projects where he is assigned

  • see the list of Users, but cannot add new ones or change existing ones

  • cannot create position sets/rate cards for brands

Team leaders

  • can add and edit Project managers within projects

  • can add Users and edit positions and if they should be visible in plannining, but cannot change their team/role/password

  • create position sets/rate cards

  • close/finish projects

  • cannot see internal financial indicators of projects

Financier / CFO / Managing director / Admin

  • everything that was mentioned in hierarchically lower roles applies

  • can edit Users, as well as change their team/role/password

  • only the notifications are different between the mentioned roles

  • can approve budgets/proposals

  • sees all financial indicators, documents and data

  • can issue a real financial document (e.g. invoice)

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