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Quick guide for self-onboarding: Users (creatives)
Quick guide for self-onboarding: Users (creatives)
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Welcome to beginner's guide for Users. Below you can find basic steps with key functionalities and their purpose, helping you navigate and understand how each step contributes to the efficient management of your time and tasks.

Planning: how to plan my capacities?

Planning section is the initial destination for creatives, copywriters, social media managers, or other team members upon logging into Allfred. You can find here all planned assignments, deadlines, and tasks, whether originating from project managers, traffic managers, or the Users themselves.

Planning gives you an overview how busy individual users are, what they're working on, whether they have capacity for other tasks, or whether they need to be rescheduled.

Tasks: how to create tasks and where to find them

In Allfred, task is necessary for tracking the time spent on your projects. Without creating a task, you won't be able to accurately track your team's working hours.

In the Tasks section, you can find a list of all tasks. You can switch between "My tasks" or "All tasks" view and filter them by client or brand, team, status, priority, assigned people or positions, creator of the task, or task deadline.

You can sort tasks by their status, task ID, name, Project, budget item or deadline. Done tasks are hidden by default, but you can choose to display them by using the "Show Done tasks" option.

Time tracking: 5 ways to track time

We know Tracking time is a critical part of agency work, and everyone has their own preferred method for doing it. That's why Allfred offers 5 different and easy ways to track your time - just with one click! No need to fill out task details unnecessarily. Allfred does it for you.

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