How do I issue a credit note?

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Issue a credit note or prepare documents for a credit note is divided into 3 steps (Fig. 1).

  1. Project details

  2. In this step, the data is filled in automatically if you are issuing an advance invoice from the List of projects or project detail. If you are issuing a Proforma invoice from other places, you must enter the following information:

    1. Brand/s

    2. Billing address - filled automatically

    3. Project 

    4. Contact person - filled automatically

Fig. 1

  1. Budget items
    In the second step of the credit note, you click on the items that you want to credit with the amount. When clicking on budget items, it is possible to edit the value that you want to credit. However, the negative invoiced value of the budget items is automatically added. To issue a credit memo, you must enter a negative value (Fig. 2)

Fig. 2

Invoices details
In the third step, you define the credit note itself, i.e. as seen by the client. The condition for issuing a credit note is to complete the following information:

  1. Issue Date 

  2. Date of supply 

  3. Invoice items - Work description

  4. Amount - in currency

  5. Other values are filled in automatically according to the billing address or the settings of your version.

To make the issue easier, the automatic addition of the "Invoice items" and "Amount" values is used via the "Generate from budget items" button. Generate from budget items - by clicking on the button, I have the option to transfer both the text and the value as defined for the budget item in step 2.

Fig. 3

To confirm the action, just click on the "Generate" button. Allfred will automatically transfer all information and create items on the credit note with the billing subject and values as defined in step 2 (Fig. 4).

Fig. 4

Submit for invoicing / Create an invoice
The buttons at the end of the process are displayed according to the role you are assigned in Allfred. If you are a Project manager, Team leader, or Managing Director, you can only create a submit for a credit note (unless you have defined otherwise in your version - by personal agreement).

If you are a 
Financier, CFO, or Admin, you have the right to issue an invoice, i.e. "Create Invoice". By issuing a credit note, you generate a credit note and at the same time, a. The PDF document is automatically generated. You can find the credit memo in the "Outgoing invoices" section (Fig. 5).

Fig. 5

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