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How to create Invoice / Request for Invoicing?
How to create Invoice / Request for Invoicing?
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Creating an invoice or request for invoicing can be done from various places within Allfred:

  • Projects: List of projects - via the "Actions" button.

  • Project Detail: via the "Actions" button.

  • Budget Item in Project Detail: Clicking on "Invoiced" next to the budget item and then clicking on the "Invoiced" button.

  • Finance - Request For invoicing - via the "Add New" button.

  • Proforma or Outgoing Invoices: via the "Add New" button.

You can select the type of invoice you need to issue: whether it's a proforma invoice, an outgoing invoice, or a credit note. In each case, you'll be guided through a billing process consisting of similar steps.

Issuing an invoice or request for invoicing is divided into 4 steps.

1) Project details

In this step, the data is automatically filled in if you are issuing an invoice from the List of projects or project details. If we issue an invoice from other locations, you must enter the following information:

  1. Brand/s

  2. Billing address - automatically by Brand

  3. Project Contact person

2) Budget items

In the second step of invoicing, select the budget items that you want to invoice with the required amounts. When clicking on budget items, you can edit the value that you want to invoice. The uninvoiced value of budget items is automatically displayed.

3) Invoice details

In the third step, insert the invoice details. The fields displayed during the invoicing process depend on your role in Allfred.

If you are a Project manager, you can create only the "Request for invoicing" (RFI). Your CFO will be automatically notified to check the request and issue the final invoice.

To complete the RFI, insert there details:

  • requested date of supply

  • currency

  • pruchase order number (optional)

  • proforma invoice (in case of creating the billing invoice)

  • required text on invoice and work items description = Use the "Generate" button to automatically transfer budget items and amount defined in step 2

  • note and internal note (optional)

To create a final invoice as CFO, complete the following information:

  1. Issue Date

  2. Due date (will be filled in automatically based on billing address settings)

  3. check the text on the invoice and Invoice items - Work description

  4. check the amount in the currency

4) Submit for invoicing / Create an invoice

Buttons at the end of the process are displayed according to the role you are assigned in Allfred. If you are a Project manager, Team leader, or Managing Director, you can use the buttons Save as draft or Submit for invoicing (unless you have defined otherwise in your version - by personal agreement).

If you are a Financier, CFO, or Admin, you have the right to "Create Invoice".

By issuing an invoice, you generate an invoice and at the same time, a .pdf document is automatically generated.

You can find the invoice in the "Outgoing invoices" section. The requests for invoicing are listed in the Request for invoicing section.

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