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Project and Billing Categories
Project and Billing Categories
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Project and billing categories allow you to organize projects in Allfred better. By creating custom project categories, you can tag projects with relevant labels such as 'internal marketing', 'overhead', and more, allowing for enhanced tracking and reporting. The billing category defines whether the project can be invoiced or not. You also have an option to set billing categories for tasks or time entries.

Project categories

How to Create, Edit or Delete Project Category?

A) While Creating a New Project:

  1. In the 'New Project' creation form, you'll find the 'Project category' field.

  2. To modify the categories, click on Project category -> Edit categories

  3. Click on "+Add new category" to create new one

  4. A pencil icon allows you to rename, and a bin icon lets you delete categories.

B) From the Project List:

  1. Access the 'Project category' filter at the top of your projects list.

  2. Clicking on it will open the 'Edit categories' dialog, where you can add, rename, or remove categories as needed

Billing Categories

Billing categories determine if the project’s tasks and associated time entries are billable or nonbillable. All the tasks created in the project have, by default, the same billing category as the project itself.

However, individual tasks can be set as nonbillable within billable projects according to specific requirements (e.g. if you have a probono client that will pay for external costs, but agency work is for free, set the project as billable and particular task as nonbillable)

Set the billing category while creating a new project by marking them billable / nonbillable (probono).

  • Billable Projects: Marking a project as billable means you can invoice for it.

  • Nonbillable Projects: Invoicing is impossible if a project is marked nonbillable.

Billing categories are also used in utilization reports, which track how much of a user's capacity generates revenue for the agency through billable tasks.

How to Edit Billing Category of Active Project?

1. go to project detail or to list of projects

2. use the Edit button in project details or Action menu -> Edit in the list of projects

3. switch the billing category

a) From Billable to Nonbillable

  • This is possible only if all tasks and time entries are nonbillable. Allfred will prompt you to confirm this change with a single click.

  • Before making a project nonbillable, ensure that any issued invoices related to it are deleted.

b) From Nonbillable to Billable

  • When you change a project to billable, Allfred will ask if you wish to alter the billing category of the tasks and time entries within it accordingly.

  • If you opt not to change the tasks, they will retain their nonbillable status even as the project becomes billable.

How to Edit Billing Category of Tasks?

Note: If the project is nonbillable, tasks cannot be switched to billable.

1. Go to the task detail

2. Click on Edit button

3. Change the billing category

4. Save

5. You can see the label of current Task category in Task detail

How to Edit Billing Category of Time entries?

Note: If the project is nonbillable, time entries cannot be switched to billable.

1. Navigate to the report section

2. Filter the time entries as needed

3. Select the required time entries using the checkboxes on the left site

4. Click on Action button

5. Use "Change time entires billing category" option

When tracking time on nonbillable tasks within a billable project, the time entries will remain nonbillable.

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