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How to create Time and materials project?
How to create Time and materials project?
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A "time and materials" project is a type of project where billing is based on the actual time spent on the project by track hours, as well as any direct expenses incurred during the execution of the project.

To create time and materials project:

  1. Go to Projects section (left bar) or use +New button in upper right corner

  2. + New project

  3. Enter the Project name

  4. Choose the Project type Time and materials

  5. Input the start and expected end dates of your project

  6. Choose the Project category or create a new one

  7. Choose the Billing category (whether is billable or non-billable)

  8. In the Note section, you can add internal notes for your team, whether it's a note for finance managers, account managers, or anything else that needs to be kept in mind.

  9. Pick the Brand under which you want to create a new project. If the brand is not on the list you can easily create a new one directly in this step

  10. Set the Contact person on the client side. (not mandatory)

  11. Select the Team to which the project belongs

  12. Set the Project Manager (the main PM who will be responsible for budgets, preparing invoicing documents, assigning expenses, monitoring project reports, and adjusting time tracking and tasks created by other team members)

  13. Set Other project managers (other PMs involved in the project with same permissions as main PM)

  14. Click on “Create project

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