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How to change or deactivate project manager in projects?
How to change or deactivate project manager in projects?
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You can change the responsible or other project managers in the project by clicking on the Edit button in the project detail or from the list of projects. Here you can change the project managers as needed.

If you need to deactivate project manager (e.g. after resignation or during maternity leave) and switch all their projects to another project manager at once, follow these steps:

  • In the section "Users“, select the required Project manager

  • Via the button "Actions”, select the option Deactivate

  • Select the user to whom you switch all the projects originally assigned to the deactivated user

  • Confirm

Note: If you want to reassign all the project from one user to another, but not to deactivate any of the users, also follow the steps above. After confirming switching the projects, go again to User section - Deactivated users, and reactivate the user via Action button (Activate)

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