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How to delete budget or unassign from project?
How to delete budget or unassign from project?
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If you wish to unassign a budget from an active project, navigate to the budget section and click on the unassign icon.

How to delete the budget entirely?

To delete a budget, simply click on the bin icon. Only unassigned budgets can be deleted. To maintain data integrity and control access, only CFOs and admins have the permission to delete budgets.

How Does it Affect the Project Overview?

When you unassign/delete a budget with tracked hours or invoicing associated with its budget items, the budget item will be labeled as 'DELETED.' To remove this label, it is necessary to transfer the tracked hours to another task or project and edit the invoice. During the invoice editing process, choose the active budget items in the budget item split (2nd step of invoicing).

If the invoice sum (created for the deleted budget item) exceeds what you need for invoicing other active budget items, you must split this amount among other budget items that haven't been invoiced yet. To display all budget items in the project, click on the "Show all items" checkbox in the upper right corner. During the 3rd step of invoicing, ensure you click on the "generate from budget items" button to transfer all the changes.

If there are no other budget items to split the amount, or you don't want to split the sum among these items, you can utilize prepayment and store this money as credit.

After transferring hours or editing the invoice, the 'DELETED' label will disappear.

What Happens After Reassigning the Budget?

If there were budget items labeled as 'DELETED,' this label will disappear, and the budget item will be reactivated. Additionally, new budget items will be added to the project overview.

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