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How to set up a repetitive budget items?
How to set up a repetitive budget items?
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In handling extensive or recurring activities in projects, crafting detailed and tailored budgets is crutial. Allfred's feature grants you the ability to choose the type and frequency of recurrence for each individual budget item.

This feature is particularly beneficial for those who are budgeting all-year activities into one project. Simply use "Repeat section" button in the lower right corner of budget section.

When you need to create e.g. 12 similar budget items, each differing by the name of the month (e.g., “Social media January,” “Social media February,” etc.), select the “Months” type of repetition in the budget, choose the starting month (you can start with July in the middle of the year), and then determine the number of repetitions.

Allfred will then organize all the budget items in the Project Overview in a logical, chronological order. You can also choose ‘Numbers’ type of repetitions.

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