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Work with Proposal section: Budgets overview, downloading PDF, rate cards and commissions
Work with Proposal section: Budgets overview, downloading PDF, rate cards and commissions
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The Proposals section serves as a hub for creating budget proposals, downloading budgets in PDF, editing default positions, or creating rate cards.

1) Budgets

In the budget section, users have access to a comprehensive overview of all budgets within their workspace. This includes active budgets tied to projects, unassigned budgets, proposals, and even archived budgets for historical reference.

To streamline the search process, a variety of filters are available, allowing for sorting by brand, project, and approval status — whether internally approved or client-approved.

From here, you can export budgets to PDF via Actions button - Export PDF.

The customizable download settings offer flexibility, permitting users to choose the types of information displayed on the exported PDF, such as positions (displayed in rows or columns), item descriptions, VAT visibility, and more, ensuring that the output matches the specific needs of the user or client.

2) Proposals

In this tab you can find list of all created budget proposals or templates. After creating a new project, Allfred will automatically offer you budget proposals to assign to the project that have the same brand as created project.

While budgeting you can use different sections like agency work, external production, and media budget. Moreover, you can apply discounts, commissions, and set quantities for external costs. The option to convert budgets into foreign currencies is also available, making it easy to work with different currencies.

3) Positions

In the Positions, tab you can find all the Positions that are used in created rate cards.

4) Hourly rates and commissions

Here you can find the list of created Positions sets or Rate cards for particular clients. If you have contracted specific hourly rates or commissions with clients for media pricing or other external expenses, you can create a rate card or a position set. For each client, you can create multiple position sets.

The one designated as "Active" will be automatically selected when drafting a new budget for that client. However, you can easily switch between different position sets while creating a budget.

To set the default rate cards:

  1. Go to "Hourly rates and commissions" part and click on "+add brand rate card".

  2. In Brand field choose "Default hourly rates".

  3. Enter required positions and rates and set the commissions for external production and media budget if needed.

All the default rate cards are listed in the first row you can find "Default hourly rates". They will be automatically used when creating new budget proposals (in case you don't use set brand rate cards).

You can create multiple default rate cards (e.g., for smaller clients or CSR projects) and choose between them when creating a new budget proposal.

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