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How to set up default Positions, Hourly rates and Position sets (rate cards)?
How to set up default Positions, Hourly rates and Position sets (rate cards)?
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Most clients have agreed-upon hourly rates for each position, which can be set in Hourly rates and commissions section. You can create multiple position sets (rate cards) and activate the ones you want to use as defaults when creating budgets. In addition to client rates, you can also set commissions for external production and media here.

Two ways how to create Position set / Rate Card

1) Proposals - Hourly rates and commissions

Navigate to Hourly rates and commissions tab in Proposals section and click on "+ add brand rate card".

Insert the name of the position set and related brand. Add required positions and their rates. You can set the commissions for external costs and media here as well.

Mark the positions set as Active when you want to use it as default when creating budget for that specific brand.

2) Brands - Hourly rates and commissions

Position sets can also be also created in the Brands section. Then follow the same steps as in Proposal section.

Predefined and agreed-upon position sets can be easily used or adjusted within the budget using the "Set position prices by:" select box.

How to set default positions?

To set the default rate cards:

  1. Go to "Hourly rates and commissions" part and click on "+add brand rate card".

  2. In Brand field choose "Default hourly rates".

  3. Enter required positions and rates and set the commissions for external production and media budget if needed.

All the default rate cards are listed in the first row you can find "Default hourly rates". They will be automatically used when creating new budget proposals (in case you don't use set brand rate cards).

You can create multiple default rate cards (e.g., for smaller clients or CSR projects) and choose between them when creating a new budget proposal.

In the Proposals - Positions sections, you can find all the Positions that are used in created rate cards.

Please note: It's important to know that the authority to modify positions and hourly rates is reserved for team leaders and those in higher roles within the Allfred hierarchy.

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